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Master Portrait Workshop (Saturday, April 2, 9 & 16)

Learn portrait painting skills from Chris Jordan while painting a famous portrait of Lady Agnew of Lochnaw by John Singer Sargent (1856-1925). Anatomy, colour mixing and paint application techniques will be discussed in detail to facilitate an accurate, step-by-step completion of a portrait by every student.



Saturday, April 2, 9 and 16, 2016

9 AM - 3 PM


Cost: $250 + GST*

Workshops fill up fast, so save your spot today by contacting Chris.

* Pre-drawn canvas is included for every registered student. Students are requested to have the supplies as per Supply List (PDF):

Artist grade oil paints: - cadmium yellow - yellow ochre - cadmium red - quinacridone rose - transparent oxide red - titanium white - ultramarine blue - thalo green - ivory black Walnut alkyd medium Palette knife Kneadable eraser Paper towel Palette Brushes: - #2, 3, 4 flats, artist grade bristle - #2 synthetic


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